onsider what consumes your time each day. Where is the busy work you can't get away from? What would you accomplish if technology worked for you and not against you? As entrepreneurs, we are trained to differentiate- to do something better than ever before. But once you creatively design the flow of your business, how can a software product off the shelf match your unique plan?

Catalyst specializes in mission-critical data management software to:

  • Reduce repetitive work flow
  • Increase the accuracy and quantity of information available
  • Enable quality communication with customers, employees, and vendors

You've found the right place!

Why choose Catalyst? We are known for:

  • Our excellent ability to assess current needs, and to anticipate future needs to design a long-term solution.
  • A "no excuses" R&D habit of delivering what is needed, even if it has never been done before.
  • An "exceed expectations" work ethic of delivering quality finishing touches without everything needing to be requested in detail.
  • Experienced estimating and an on-time guarantee.

Tour our What's Possible samples and imagine how
your app will look on the iPhone and more..

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