ichard McKenna Charter High School is Idaho's first publicly funded virtual school. Richard McKenna's online program offers high school courses tuition-free to qualified Idaho students through their web site, www.rmckenna.org. Catalyst Web Applications designed the interactive portions of rmckenna.org allowing students, teachers, and staff to communicate.

Catalyst has a unique ability to bring order out of chaos. I have seen them take input from a committee that was seemingly unrelated, and create a very practical, user-friendly database that meets everyone’s needs. Catalyst attends to the details and is a great communicator.

- Larry Slade, Principal           

Excellent work.  Just what I need!

- Scott Jacobson, Science Instructor           

I really appreciate your expertise and your attitude for excellence.

- Connie Johnston, Math Instructor           

ewlett Packard's "Automatic Driver Download" project was a response to customer need. Customers where having difficulty completing the process of downloading, extracting, and installing software and drivers, so the Automatic Driver Download enhancement allowed the installation to be automatically started after the download was complete. This nearly doubled the user success rate of printer driver installations and added service that exceeded anything ever seen on competitor web sites, as well as the Internet in general.

Eric joined our small project midstream and quickly worked his magic writing efficient JavaScript. The code recognized external process failures and provided other alternatives to the customer. It recognized when the customer was using AOL--even though the AOL tech support said it could not be done. Eric's excellent graphic representation of the whole process proved very helpful not only to the team but also to interested observers.

- Jane Stodola, Business Analyst           

atalyst provided ColdFusion and JavaScript expertise for the Public Employee's Retirement System of Idaho. The projects completed allowed PERSI to expand the content and usability of their internal web site and to design and implement new features for their public web site.

You are brilliant as well as fun.

- Becky Reeb, Public Information Officer           

hen the retained executive search firm, Herd Freed Hartz opened for business, they wanted a company that could get their web site up and running without a lot of hassle. Catalyst Web Applications was able to quickly transform their content into a professional web site design which suited their target clients.

Catalyst delivered web site development work on-time and on-budget. They were a pleasure to work with as they knew the proper balance between design, functionality and cost constraints to meet our business objectives.

- Jim Herd, Partner           

Pres Associates is a multi-city firm specializing in educational research, project management, and grant evaluation. Catalyst’s role helps Pres Associates win competitive project bids by providing custom data management systems. The custom applications collect, manage, and report statistical data for remote staff and clients.

Catalyst delivers timely work that is intuitive and effective; we don't have to catch every single potential issue, as they often bring potential problems and solutions to us without our having to ask. Catalyst is flexible enough to deliver the requested scope of work on our projects even among changing requirements. They provide first rate customer service, which we have found lacking in other software development companies and their communication skills are top notch. They understand the real world, how our business operates within the real world and can speak towards the big picture and not just technology; we actually understand what they're saying when they talk to us. Overall, Catalyst is an absolute pleasure to work with; over the years they have raised our expectations of what programmers can do.

- Alisha Strobel, Research Coordinator           

he growth of ITravelInsured.com created the need for alternative purchasing methods. Catalyst produced a purchasing gateway which allowed other computer systems to place orders and created a bulk-entry system for end-of-day imports.

Catalyst demonstrated a broad knowledge of data integration methods, creative user interface ideas, and flexibility amid a changing scope of work.

- Len Engel, Project Manager